Tuesday, October 20, 2015

            NUWGA Minutes 
                           Oct. 19, 2015 Fall Meeting
9:00 AM – Juice and Bagels
9:30 AM – Meeting called to order by Marsene Patterson

In Attendance:
    Ben Lomond  - 2.                   Birch Creek – 4
    Bountiful Ridge – 4.               Hill AFB - 0
    Logan River – 1.                     Riverside - 4
    Sun Hills - 4                              The Barn – 4

Treasurers report read by Carol White year end balance $357.25
The minutes from the 2015 Spring meeting were read and approved
Old business discussed:
 A motion was made by Vardell Laursen to add to the bylaws when a team is absent the other team should receive 55% of the point allocation. Seconded by Dodie Roberts. Motion Approved.

New items discussed:
Correct president club list for current clubs and also explained the rotation to those who weren't aware of it.
Pam Douglas motioned that we add to the schedule a rain out day as late in the year as possible that could be used if a tournament has to be cancelled due to rain. Motion was seconded by Doris Eager. Voted on and approved.
A motion by Pam Douglas to pay 4 flights and 50% of the field on both the Club Championship and Closing Social tournaments. Seconded by Doris Eager voted on and approved.
A motion by Vardell Laursen to modify current bylaws that when a team is going to have a missing player they must notify the NUWGA committee by Friday before the Monday tournament so a blind draw can be made for the missing player from the invitational players. If they don't let the committee know by Friday they will forfeit the 18 points. Motion seconded by Dodie Roberts and motion approved.
 Karen Gardner asked that a Winter committee be assembled with one or two members from each club to review and edit by-laws, and present the updated bylaws at the Spring 2016 meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 10:30.

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